Bulletproof glass is the result of several glass layers polycarbonate and special polymers which become a bulletproof transparent barrier by using high temperature and pressure workings as a shield that reduces the speed and power of the projectile and making possible the projectile does not pass through its volume. We are Bullet Proof Glass Manufacturers in Punjab/Himachal, these glasses are usable for making byproducts for residential and commercial places. These Bulletproof glasses are facing bullets fired. This bulletproof glass is a multi-purpose protective design element that protects and safeguards the indoors from the hard impacts.

These bulletproof glasses are available in various sizes, shapes, and styles as per the clients’ requirements. We fabricated these Bulletproof Glasses using high-quality raw materials by implementing the newest techniques and innovative technology in accordance with international quality standards. These bulletproof glasses clients can avail from us at a reasonable price.

More than 5 years JK Safe became the forefront as the greatest bullet-resistant glass developer and innovator, from the lowest the highest ballistic level by working on new formulae and specifications in order to comply and outperforming the international standards for bulletproof products. We make sure that we meet the stringent & international quality standards & specifications. Like EN 1063; LEVEL 1-7, NIJ 0108.0 ,LEVEL 1-4, STANAG 4569;LEVEL 1-4.

All of Our Bullet Resistant glasses are certified by H.P. White Laboratories. Bullet Resistant glass varies in thickness from 17mm To 80mm depend on the threat level and on customer requirements.


These glasses are used where high security is required, These glasses prove as a life-saving armor. Acoustic comfort-the the laminated composed of the glass increases the acoustic value compared to ordinary glass with the same thickness.

Our Bullet Proof Products:

  • Extra Clear Glass Bulletproof glass for windshields.
  • Light Weight Bulletproof Glass with PC.
  • All Glass combination bulletproof glass.
  • Splinter Free Bulletproof Glass.
  • Curved/Bend Bullet Proof Glass for all Vehicles.
  • Armoured & Mine-Protected Bullet Proof Glass.
  • Flendge / Z-Shape Bullet Proof Glasses.
  • Ceramic Printed Glass.

Field of Application

  • Light and heavy military vehicles
  • Civil vehicles
  • Armored cars and VIP limousines
  • Embassies
  • Podiums for VIP enclosures
  • Home against bullets
  • Equipment on borders
  • Police headquarters
  • Military Morchas
  • Jewelry Shops
  • Hotels

Bullet Proof Glass Manufacturers in Punjab-Himachal

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